Yoga Nidra & Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming, or awareness that we are dreaming while we are dreaming, is widely regarded as an extraordinary state of consciousness. While yogic and shamanic cultures throughout the world have long-revered the intrinsic value of realizing lucidity and honoring the wisdom of dreams, the West remains largely "in the dark" as to the potential of lucid dreaming as a medium for psychospiritual growth, healing, and transformation.

Join pioneering dream researcher, psychologist, author, and educator, Dr. Nick Atlas, for four hours of philosophy, mystical storytelling, and an experiential journey into the deeper meaning of our dreams, consciousness, and the nature of the self. This unique program features breathwork, expertly-guided Yoga Nidra ("conscious sleep") meditations, and techniques for accessing, prolonging, and ultimately moving beyond lucid dreams. The workshop incorporates discussion, Q&A, and an introduction to a practical, empirically-driven map of transformation, or path to freedom.

This workshop was recorded live in October 2020 in collaboration with Menla Online. The content is suitable for practitioners of any age and no experience is necessary. You need only a quiet, comfortable setting to enjoy the practice.

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