Transformative Relaxation™

MAY 4-5, 2019

Transformative Relaxation™ is a simple yet powerful approach to stress reduction, pain management, psychological wellbeing and spiritual growth. TR integrates the wisdom of guided meditation (Yoga Nidra), dreamwork, psychology and a host of healing artforms that can be practiced with little or no experience. TR may be employed in a one-on-one setting (in place of or as an adjunct to counseling, psychotherapy, energy work, etc.) and, ultimately, may become the foundation of your spiritual practice and journey of self-discovery.

The Transformative Relaxation™ Immersion is a comprehensive and nourishing, 12-hour, two-day retreat-style experience featuring gentle movement, breathwork, expressive arts and an opportunity to both receive and guide the immensely restorative practices of TR. The workshop also features integrative discussion/Q&A on the philosophy and evidenced-based research supporting the practice, including how it relates to waking, dreaming (e.g., lucid dreaming) and consciousness, healing trauma, releasing anxiety, alleviating insomnia, overcoming nightmares, etc. Among our learning objectives are for you to:

• Learn to relax more deeply into the present moment, let go of your fears, revitalize yourself and tap into vast creative resources.
• Practice how to connect with yourself and others, foster empathy and develop clear boundaries, while instilling additional strategies for self-care, wellness and prevention.
• Develop tools for deepening your own practice, harness the wisdom of your dreams, and align with your life purpose.

This program is open to all levels and no experience is needed. Yoga Alliance members are eligible to receive 12 hours of CE credit.

This course qualifies as part of our advanced 300-hr Yoga Psychology Teacher Training.