Cultivating Calm and Compassionate Children.

Imagining a Brighter Future, Together.

The Learning Lotus is an innovative program designed for children, parents, teachers, counselors, therapists, yoga teachers and anyone interested in guiding youth toward a greater sense of meaning, purpose, self-awareness and ecological responsibility.

In today’s fast-paced world, both children and adults often find themselves stretched thin to the point of breaking. We wish to remedy this by healing our relationship with ourselves and our loved ones, be they family members, students, or perfect strangers.

No Prior Yogic, Therapeutic or Teaching Experience Required.

Our unique trainings and workshops invites people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability to experience an array of evidenced-based, transformative practices that generate a host of benefits, including greater focus, resiliency, social-emotional intelligence and positive states of being. Through gentle movement, guided meditation, mindful breathing and expressive arts, you and your kid(s) will learn tools that bridge the generation gap, helping each other connect more deeply with kindness and compassion.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.

The Learning Lotus is one of the only programs of its kind that both trains adults to work with children and invites adults & children to attend workshops together so as to learn from each other. Weekend-long trainings are typically geared toward parents, teachers, counselors, etc. Throughout a training module, adults work cooperatively in large and small groups exploring ways to support children's practice.

In a hybridized, workshop setting, adults learn new strategies for helping children while kids spend time in supervised peer groups doing healthy, ‘kid stuff’ (for example, yoga, dance, breathing and meditation tailored just for them). At the end of each workshop session, adults and children re-unite to share their experiences and set goals for the future. Kids leave feeling supported and with new tools that will help them in all aspects of their life. Meanwhile, adults learn complimentary skills to manage stress and communicate more effectively, in addition to gaining access to hundreds of resources to use with children, including exercises that can be conducted in less than two minutes, before bedtime, etc.

When applying for a Learning Lotus program, please be sure to check whether it is an 'adult training' or 'adult/child workshop.'

Among our learning objectives are for you and your children to:

• Receive a host of transformative practices, including movement, breathing and guided meditation practices.

• Understand the benefits of sharing transformative practices with children and develop ways to incorporate practices into every day activities and routines.

• Gather practical, ready-to-use strategies, materials and resources for helping children understand and control their emotions, attention and energy levels.

• Gain awareness of the impact of volume, tone of voice, word usage and cadence when working with children.

•  Nourish the hearts of children by emphasizing compassions, kindness and acts of service.

•  Deepen your ability to practice mindful living and to engage more fully and authentically in the present moment.

To register for an in-person training module or workshop, visit our Events page.