Vision Quest


Journey Inward Together.

Join Dr. Nick Atlas for a weekend of natural healing, visionary experience & transformation in the heart of the beautiful, Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.

This restorative and intimate, 3-day, 2-night retreat is designed to help you unplug from the daily grind and recharge the most important battery of all--your soul! No prior experience is required to attend.

What is a Vision Quest?

Throughout history, people have gathered on the equinox (and solstice) to reawaken their spirit, shed the heaviness of the previous season, and set intentions for the season to come. It is a time to check-in with our heart, let go of what is no longer serving us, and step into a stronger version of ourselves.

Traditionally, a Vision Quest has served as a rite of passage and opportunity to open our eyes a little wider, peer into the unknown, and return renewed with a clearer sense of purpose. It is the embodiment of the mythical, heroic journey that enables us to continue evolving throughout our lives.

While there are many forms of Vision Quest, ours will serve as a potent yet digestible introduction to the ritual process, providing a safe and comfortable space to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness by way of journeying, dreamwork, movement, yoga nidra meditation, breathwork, sound and fire ceremony.

Held in a vibrant, mountain setting with lake access, the retreat emphasizes self-care, compassion, community, and connection with nature.


The Retreat Features:

• 3 Days & 2 Nights of Self-Discovery and Group Activities Designed to Help You Reconnect

• 1 Group & 1 One-on-One Pre-Retreat Preparation Session (over Zoom) with Dr. Nick

• An Opportunity to Journey on Day 2

• Daily Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation Practice

• Coaching, Check-Ins and Integration Circles

• Delicious and Nourishing, Organic Meals

• A Fire Ceremony

• 1 Group & 1 One-on-One Post-Retreat Integration Session (over Zoom)

Will I be Safe?

Your safety is our highest priority, and Dr. Nick will help you prepare for, navigate, and properly integrate your experience in order to ensure the most beneficial and harmonious experience possible. The retreat will also include at least (1) Trauma Informed & (1) CPR / First Aid Trained Member of the team on site at all times.


Regenerate in the Beautiful Berkshires
in a Serene Environment
with Lake Access.

Retreat Facilitator:

Dr. Nick Atlas

Dr. Nick Atlas has 25 years of experience with psychedelics and the healing arts, having facilitated over 300 solo and group journeys with a variety medicines. Nick holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with multiple certifications, has taught extensively at the university-level, and serves as Faculty Chair at Atlantic University. The Director of Evolutionary Education®, he also offers personal and professional training in Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Lucid Dreaming, and specializes in trauma-sensitive, body-centered approaches for emotional release. He works with a wide range clients dealing with various issues including anxiety, depression, OCD, substance abuse, and terminal illness, as well as those seeking spiritual awakening, reconnection and realization. Originally from New York City, Nick has authored a memoir detailing his own psychedelic journey and world travels, and enjoys making music, open-water swimming, and hiking with his dog in the beautiful, Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.



• Insight into core beliefs and sense of identity
• Breaking out of negative patterns and habits
• Deep healing through emotional release
• Increased self compassion
• Increased compassion for others, leading to better relationships


• Feeling of deep connection with all that exists
• New appreciation for everyday life
• Loss of fear and self-concern associated with ego boundaries
• Experience of direct encounter with the divine
• Inner sense of renewal and revitalization


• Enhanced problem-solving ability
• New perspectives on existing projects and ideas
• Think outside the normal framework of space, time and language
• Increased artistic and aesthetic sensibility
• Faster and easier to generate new ideas

What To Expect:


After submitting an application and deposit, you will receive a call from Dr. Nick, during which time you can ask questions and learn more about the retreat experience. In the weeks that follow, you will receive additional instructions and materials to help you prepare, and have the opportunity to meet other participants via an initial, Group Preparation session (60-90 minutes) over Zoom. Finally, in the days leading up to the retreat, you will have a One-on-One Preparation session (60 minutes) with Dr. Nick.


On the afternoon of your arrival (Day 1 @ 4pm ET), you can settle in to the retreat space, explore the land, enjoy the fresh mountain air, take a swim, and connect with Dr. Nick and other members of the group.


Prior to dinner on the first evening, we will formally gather as a group to "open the circle" and set intentions for the transformative journey ahead on Day 2. We'll continue to meet as a group from time to time throughout the retreat, in addition to participating in a variety of activities and 1-on-1 check-ins conducive to creating the best possible experience for everyone.


The transformative journey takes place on Day 2 of the retreat, beginning mid-morning and lasting the better part of the day. The journey will be conducted in a comfortable, indoor setting, where the atmosphere may be curated to deepen and enhance your experience. Dr. Nick will be present in a common area throughout your entire experience, but will not directly intervene or "guide" you unless called upon. You will also have access to other areas of the retreat space, the outdoors, and the natural beauty of the Berkshires, before reconvening for dinner in the early evening.


The evening of Day 2 and following morning (Day 3) after the journey will be spent processing and exploring different forms of integration, which will stay with you long after the retreat is over. You will have an opportunity to share your experience with the group, gain feedback, and check-in with Dr. Nick, as well as take time for yourself to read, journal, meditate and enjoy nature.


Our final day (Day 3) together will feature a wonderful brunch prior to departure in the early afternoon (1pm ET). You will be invited to stay in touch with other members of the group and to take part in a Group Integration session (via Zoom) about a week after the retreat, followed by a one-on-one session with Dr. Nick at your leisure. Dr. Nick will continue to support your integration in the weeks and months that follow via email support and additional sessions by request.


The retreat includes 3 days & 2 nights food and accommodation at the retreat venue in the Berkshires. Each participant will have their own room and access to either an en suite or hall bathroom (see "Investment" below for options). The space includes large, light-filled common areas, a wood stove, fire pit, and access to a gorgeous lake a few steps from the living room.


You have three accommodation options for the retreat:

Option 1: $3200 per participant (or $5120 per couple) for a private, first floor room with king bed and en suite bath;
(1 space available).

Option 2: $2900 per participant ($4640) for a private, first floor room with queen bed and a shared, hall bath;
(1 space available).

Option 3: $2600 per participant for a private, second floor room with single bed and a shared, hall bath;
(2 spaces available).

Investment for the retreat includes a $500 application deposit.

We are also pleased to offer a Payment Plan, which consists of your $500 deposit + 2 monthly payments of equal value on 08/01 & 09/01.

All payments are due by September 1st, 2024 in order to ensure your space.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

**Due to the sensitive nature of the retreat and the extensive preparation involved, please note that all sales are final and no refunds will be given, with the following exceptions:

In the event of a serious illness (as deemed by the retreat leader), a death in your immediate family, or an unforeseen cancellation on our end, you will have the option of receiving a full refund or transferring your tuition to a future retreat.

The retreat needs a minimum of (4) participants to proceed. If we do not meet that number within (4) weeks of the start of the retreat and, at our sole discretion, decide to postpone or cancel, you will receive a full refund or may transfer your tuition to a future retreat.


It is our sincere hope that the threat of infection will remain low, making it feasible for us to hold the retreat in person. During the retreat, we are fortunate to have ample space with proper air circulation, as well as opportunities to gather outdoors whenever possible. Still, we intend to take every safety precaution, including the employment of social distancing and the use of face masks if and when necessary, etc. While we do not require that you have been vaccinated by the start of the retreat, you are strongly encouraged to consider the risks of participation, both for yourself, your family, and your fellow participants.

Apply for the Retreat:

In order to apply for the retreat, please submit an online application along with a $500 deposit.

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Your deposit will be returned in full if you are not accepted into the retreat.

Please note that we will not review your application until your deposit has been received.

Space is limited, and registration closes August 15th.

IMPORTANT: When making your payment, please do not mention anything psychedelic-related in the payment notes. Simply write, "Application Deposit." Thank you!

You are welcome to pay your deposit via the following, preferred methods:

Zelle: nick@evolutionaryeducation.org
Venmo: @evolutionary-ed
Cash App: $evolutionaryed

PLEASE NOTE: When paying via Venmo, do not check "For Goods & Services," as our services are not covered by their policy and this will incur an additional fee that will be passed onto you.

It is also possible to pay via PayPal or Credit Card by clicking the "Pay Deposit" button below. Both options will incur an additional $25 transaction fee.

After you make your deposit via any of the above methods, please email us a brief note to say "hi" and alert us of your payment. You may send the email to nick@evolutionaryeducation.org and include "Equinox Vision Quest" in the subject header.



Space is Limited to 6 Participants,
Registration Closes August 15th.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

  • E.K.
    Working with Dr. Nick Atlas on a consistent basis has, without a doubt, been the single most revolutionary step I have taken over the past year to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and emotional distress. For the first time in my life, I am learning the beauty of landing on the present moment and the art of active surrender. The sense of presence and embodiment that Nick inspires through his guided practice and always intelligent and personalized comments scattered therein leave me feeling completely understood. Our work has subconsciously and consciously carried over into other aspects of my life, such as dealing with unexpected physical setbacks or difficult emotional states. My entire nervous system feels like it is under far less tension than it ever was. I have cultivated a resilience and ability to rebound from bouts of suffering as they arise. Furthermore, our relationship (and the trust that Nick exudes) continues to act as a template for my relationships with others and with myself. Simply put, Nick enhances my quality of life more than any pain medicine or remedy; he has given me back to myself.
  • I've met several kindred spirits on my yoga journey that left an inspiring imprint on my life. Dr. Nick Atlas has embodied all of them and then some. He has a subtle approach combined with compassion and a world of knowledge, insight, and experience that will last a lifetime. Exploring the essence of yoga that resonates with my truest self. I will strive for my personal practice and teachings to continually incorporate some form of what I have learned and will continue to learn from him.
    Libby Campo
    Founder @ Your Inner Yogi
  • The Yoga Nidra Level 1 training with Nick Atlas is a transformational weekend! His approach to Yoga Nidra is methodical, yet relaxed. Just this approach in itself makes this Yoga Nidra training a pure joy to be a part of. This relaxed approach leaves more space as the practitioner, and as the student, more space for healing. Expansion. Love. The power in Yoga Nidra is evident being the student, but I found as I was the practitioner- there was a lot of healing for myself as well. Nick's background in psychology and dreams adds even more stock in the importance of sleep and yogic sleep at that. Personally, I took away from my weekend of training more peace, compassion for myself, and literal healing of wounds that I have been holding on to. Professionally, I learned how to safely hold space and how to guide students in and out of this beautiful sleep that could lead to a healing journey.
    Hannah Hutcheson
    Owner @ Horizon Healing Center
  • I attended Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1 in January of 2019. As a gentle and restorative yoga teacher, I wanted to incorporate the elements of Yoga Nidra into my classes. So when the opportunity arose for me to attend his teacher training, I knew it was my next step.  It was a wonderful weekend, filled with a perfect balance of meditative experience, the sharing of Nick’s knowledge and understanding, and opportunity to practice the skills he taught. I really love Nick's presence and the way he guides Yoga Nidra. He has a wonderful way of creating ease around him and inviting each person in the room to be just as they are. During the training, he gave space and time for ideas and understanding to arise. He answered all questions with thoughtful kindness, always offering his full attention to each question and person speaking. As we practiced new skills on each other, there was never a sense of being judged but plenty of opportunity to ask for clarity on something that was difficult. The whole experience was wonderful and I look forward to learning more from Nick in his advanced level Yoga Nidra trainings to come. 
    Jill Elkin
    Yoga Instructor
  • I highly recommend Dr. Nick Atlas and Evolutionary Education for further teacher training. I recently completed the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Level 1 Course.  Before attending the class I had some exposure and knowledge of Yoga Nidra; however, I left the training having a much greater understanding and with an introduction to teaching.  I decided to take this Yoga Nidra training to further explore and deepen my personal practice, to find healing and restoration within and for myself, and eventually having that overflow onto others. It was exactly what I was hoping for, and what a wonderful experience.  Dr. Atlas is an excellent and gifted instructor, who is very knowledgeable on the subject and is present for, accessible and responsive to his students. The course materials provided are well written, clear and thorough, and are presented in a way that is easy to comprehend and remember based off of the training.  I have felt so many of the benefits from this teacher training as I have incorporated what I learned into my personal practice and now feel more confident to introduce to my students.  I plan to take his future Level 2 training.     
    Tiffany Williams
    Yoga Instructor
  • I recently completed Evolutionary Education’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Level 1  and the course was so practical and hands-on, that it gave me the confidence to start teaching Yoga Nidra classes right away to my community.  We had multiple opportunities to both receive and guide Yoga Nidra meditations and Nick's laid back yet deep style of teaching is all about finding your own Yoga Nidra voice. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning more about this deeply relaxing and profound practice. 
    Sarah Eiler
    Reflexologist and Yoga Instructor
  • The Yoga Nidra training was exceptional and surpassed any expectations I may have had. Nick is a present, authentic, and encouraging teacher, leader, and facilitator. The way he integrated direct experience, instruction, and discussion kept us engaged and curious throughout the training. And, I'd have to say it was the most intellectually AND spiritually stimulating training I've attended. As a mental health professional, I have been able to apply the knowledge and skills from the training into my work in clinical and community settings - and believe any professional that incorporates meditation and mindfulness into their work could, as well. I look forward to attending future trainings with Nick.
    Paige Scheinberg
    Art Therapist and Founder of SHINE ON Consulting
  • Although I have practiced and taught Yoga Nidra many times over the past 10 years, I had not taken a full in-depth, formal weekend devoted entirely to Yoga Nidra until studying with Nick. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will recommend it to others! Nick's pace is slow and steady, allowing time to settle and drop in. With a thorough background in psychology and yogic philosophy, he weaves both eastern discipline and western science beautifully into the weekend, giving depth to the experience. As our world keeps speeding up, it is even more important to “slow down” and include this practice in our lives. I was left empowered and inspired to continue to teach and practice this potent form of yoga. I am deeply grateful!
    Marti Yura
    Owner @ Vista Yoga
  • Studying with Nick has been a gift over the years. I always receive a thoughtful, engaging and mindful-based learning environment steeped in science. This investment is one that I first make in myself, yet these gifts always impact my students in the studio and on retreat.
    Mandy Roberts
    Owner @ FORM {yoga} & Soul Nourish Retreats
  • Taking the 200-hr Yoga Psychology Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. The program was very well structured, and wove together intellectual discussions, asana practice, breath work (which I loved!), and meditation. Everything was magical and life changing for me as I had lost my Mom the previous year. It was a beautiful, healing experience in every way, and it has impacted my life forever.
    Ashley Day
  • Nick is a gentle soul and, at the same time, he's very intense. Through that intense gentleness, he reaches out to individuals and brings them forward into a relationship with themselves. Through the guided meditations, through Yoga Nidra, even his presence in lecture is very calming and, at the same time, challenges you to stretch your mind a little bit further, to incorporate a little bit more, which is a real growth aspect. It was so intrinsic to being the netting that pulls all the classes and all the work together. The YPTT is a training that connects you with your spiritual hopes and desires. It connects you to your body and how it exists and works in the world, and it connects you to really being authentic in your life. If being authentic is not something that's comfortable for you, save your money, go elsewhere, find some other training, because this is going to bring you present into the real world.
    Joseph Etheredge
    Office Manager & Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student (M.Ed.)
  • This was one of the most transformative training weekends I have ever attended! I walked in assuming I was going to learn a few deep relaxation tricks. It was this and so much more!!! The effects of deep relaxation and attuning to all that surrounds us sharpens our senses and helps us reach new depths. Dr. Nick Atlas is very knowledgeable in his field and will make you at ease with whatever comes up during sessions. Love, bliss, so much appreciation for grace and beauty, some sorrow, tremendous gratitude and ecstatic joy are a few of my side effects from this weekend. I am very excited to see schools like Evolutionary Education being created. There is so much need for it!!! I wish for everyone to learn and experience what I did!
    Gaëlle Lemley
    Owner @ Yoga Elements
  • My experience in the 200-hr Yoga Psychology Teacher Training is a time I will always cherish. Because of the training, I now have a strong foundation and a place to go back to when life gets crazy and I'm no longer practicing as I desire to. You taught me a clear way to start with the breath, move into meditation, and then asana practice if I desire. You taught us what is important: awareness. The most unexpected positive I gained from the program were tools for stronger emotional health. I learned to sit with my pain, to embrace my "demons," to love and accept myself and, in turn, to embrace, love, and accept others as they are. It was a transformative experience, and it has propelled me onto a path toward a more open, loving, powerful me. 
    Breanna Smith Butler
    Yoga Instructor
  • It was a dream come true to finally attend the 200-hr Yoga Psychology Teacher Training. I joined the program seeking clarity and was eager to understand some in-depth principles and theories related to yoga. I flew from Liberia, quit my job, and was ready for a brand new start. The environment was just what I needed, very supportive and open minded. The training was rich and offered a little bit of everything--the physical, spiritual, cultural and psychological aspects of yoga. Our co-instructor, Rose, was so sweet. I love her gentle approach to asana and to life. Nick is a fountain of knowledge, there's always so much to learn from him. I'm forever grateful for these two and for the experience they allowed me to tapped into. Evolutionary Education® is a place to help you evolve into a more beautiful version of yourself. I am full with gratitude.
    Louvette Neal
    Yoga Instructor



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