Anna Sims • May 8, 2018

After committing to a Paleo-based diet, I learned that my muffin addiction—and it was an addiction—had to be broken. On my road to better health, I decided that totally cutting out my favorite foods was not necessary, and ever since I have been figuring out new ways to eat the foods I love while still healing my body. Here are three delicious muffin recipes that are easy on the tummy and easy to take on-the-go.


Lori Benson Adams, M.Ed. • April 15, 2018

How do we help our children understand the realities of the world while still protecting their sense of innocence and purity of spirit?


Rose Aramian • February 21, 2018

When it comes to improving our health, I think the question we ought to be asking ourselves is, “What can I do for myself TODAY to clear my mind, strengthen my body, and nourish my spirit?" I’m not talking about a goal to set for next week or next month. I’m talking about today, maybe even right now.


Rose Aramian • January 1, 2018

Life is crazy sometimes. There is constant change and waves of emotion. Right now, I have feelings of extreme gratitude and, simultaneously, I feel fed up with some of the so-called “norms” in our society. What can we do when things feel so out-of-wack? One special word that helps me during difficult times: awareness.


Dr. Nick Atlas • January 1, 2018

2017 was as wild and emotional a year as I can remember. The highs and lows were intense, both collectively and for me personally. At times, it has been a struggle to remain positive and optimistic about the future. I suspect many of us feel the same way. This past year, the political spectrum bombarded us and has held us captive, dredging up all sorts of suppressed feelings, forging us together and, in some cases, tearing us apart.